Gotta Get To Work!

September 4, 2007 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, General Knitting | 1 Comment

I signed up for that Hogwarts Sock Swap thing a while back, and have been putting off and putting off starting the socks that I am knitting for my Slytherin Pal because the deadline is in October. Well, I finally ordered yarn for them Yesterday. I’m going with Felici from Knitpicks, in “Arugula”. The yarn looks nice to knit with, and it says it’s super soft, so that’s good!

The thing is, I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered the yarn, and only ordered one ball. At 218 yards per ball, it would take 2 to knit a full-length pair. It seems my partner is getting ankle socks! I hope you don’t mind, partner, if you’re out there reading this.

Until my yarn arrives for the socks, I’m off to go knit more washcloths.


The first thing I ever made.

September 3, 2007 at 3:43 am | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, General Knitting | 1 Comment

Back when I was little, probably like, 10 or 11, I used to go over to my Grandma’s house and ask her to show me how to Crochet, then I would do a few awkward stitches and leave, and forget about how to do it, until I would go over some other day and ask her how to show me again, and she would. Well, one day I must have wanted to stick with it, and I did this:


The first yarn-y thing I ever made. A crocheted cotton… something. It had an unintentional ruffle at the bottom (?), some crazy shaping (again, unintentional) until I got bored. And I gave it to my mommy, and she still uses it as a washcloth.

After I made this, I forgot about crocheting and knitting until I was, like, 15 or 16 when my Grandma taught me again, and It’s been non-stop ever since.

washcloths (1)

This is one that I made for my sister today. It seems I’ve gotten a bit better at this, huh?

Tonight’s agenda:

August 31, 2007 at 3:49 am | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, Finished Projects | 2 Comments


Knitting a sock and watching the Colbert Repor(t). Hells yeah, sounds good to me!

The sock?


Toe up, reverse heel flap, ribbed leg. Kinda based off of this pattern. I’m almost to the point where I can knit the heel, so close. The yarn is Mama E C*EYE*BER Fiber that was a gift on the cruise. The colorway is “Sea Sick”.

Oh, and I finished my cousin’s One Skein Wonder I was knitting for her birthday. Well, it fit and she loved it. I’ll try to hunt down a picture.

Later, dudes!

Back To School Time

August 21, 2007 at 10:24 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, General Knitting | Leave a comment

Hmm, It’s been a few days, huh? I really should try to step it up with my Posting.

Well, Yesterday was the first day of a new Semester, my 3rd in College. I’m kind of glad to be back in classes, I like school. I’m taking World History B (I took “A” last semester), and my professor is really cool, very funny.

Next is Sociology, and the Professor’s Husband is a friend of my Dad’s, she said she’s known me since I was little, so maybe sucking up to her will help me out.

Then, I have Art Appreciation, which I am looking forward too, the Professor seems really nice and a sweet lady.

Last but not least is Biology. I’m not sure why I signed up for Biology, I took it in High School, and then I took AP Bio in High School, which is basically a College Bio class, and now I’m taking it again? Hmm, I’m not too sure why I picked this one. Maybe it’s because I’m a science geek? I love Biology. The teacher doesn’t seem the nicest, but Oh well.

And knitting? I started a pair of socks, the Naive Socks from SpillyJane Knits. I am such a sucker for cable-y things, especially socks, but you all know that. I’m convinced I’m doing it wrong, I’m having a bit of problem with the pattern. If it doesn’t work out I think I’ll switch to these cabled socks. We’ll see.

And, I’m still hunting for a Job. I saw that the Cafeteria at school is hiring, and that would be handy t o work at school, since I’m there anyway. I just don’t think that I would like to work there, I just see myself hating it, but, I need a job. I think I’m going to take it. You know how much I’d like to work at my LYS? A lot, but the problem is the Transportation. I’m not sure how to get from School to the Yarn Store for work, or from Home to the YS. I need to get my Licence.

I’m so bad at making up post titles.

August 14, 2007 at 4:50 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, General Knitting | 8 Comments

 Listening to: “Love Today” by Mika. I freaking LOVE Mika. If you haven’t heard him, go check out that link. I love him.

Anyone remember back in the Day when I had that bright red streak in my hair? Well, I’ve let it fade and recently I’ve started to miss it…

Woo hoo! Blue Hair!

Well, now I’m happy, I’ve got my streak back! This time, it’s blue, and I love it. I used some dye I found at Rite Aid called “Splat”. I was surprised to see it there, Last I’ve checked, Rite Aid didn’t sell any crazy hair-dyes. But, they had this color Blue and a Bright Reddish-pink color. It came out super well, and my Hairsylist did a great job.

As for knitting, I had a sudden spark of inspiration yesterday. I had been thinking about knitting a sweater, but I couldn’t find a pattern I really liked. Than I remembered that Minisweater thing I made a while ago.


So I started a new Minisweater, but this will have modifications. Once my neckline increases meet in the front, I’m going to just cont. knitting straight (With some waist shaping) and make it a cardigan, than make the sleeves as long as my yarn will let me. I’m using the Cascade 220 that I bought on the cruise.

Ok, I’m off to knit.

Best Fair Ever

August 8, 2007 at 6:50 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah | 8 Comments


Yesterday, Me, my mom, my sister, my aunt and 3 cousins and a few friends all went to the county Fair. Mom and I checked out the first prize winners for knitting, and I gotta say, next year, mom and I will be entering. We could totally win. Not that there wasn’t nice things there, but We could do better.

Than we walked around for a while. As we where walking down the main road of the Fairgrounds, surrounded by Corn on the Cob stands and Face Painting, a couple of Event Staff guys where making room for a couple cars to drive through. The first was a Black Escalade, and as It went by, I had to peek in and see who was so important that they got to drive through, escorted. Well, I looked, and the guy driving looked JUST like John Stamos. No joke. And I was seriously, like, 4 feet from his car as he drove by. I told everyone, and they kinda didn’t belive me that I saw John Stamos at the County Fair.

Well, like a I Said, we went to go see the Beach Boys live in Concert there. It was awesome. They played all the good songs, and we where all Rocking out (I LOVE the Beach Boys!). And who was playing Drums for the band? Why, none other than JOHN STAMOS. Dude, I was so excited. I freakin LOVE John Stamos. I mean, come on, Uncle Jesse?

He was touring with the band for a few weeks, and he played the Drums, Lead Guitar, and he even did some Lead Vocals. It was awesome. I can’t believe I was but 4 feet away from John Stamos yesterday. It was the Best Fair Ever.

I have knitting content, but I’ll save it for another post.


July 10, 2007 at 11:59 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah | 6 Comments

I’ve ended the sign-ups for the Scarf Swap early, so the sign-ups are now closed. I have 12 participants, and they’ve all been matched up into pairs!

Guess what else I did today (Wendy, you’ll like this one!)? I got my learners permit. I know, I’m 19 and I still haven’t learned to drive, lame, right? Well, seeing as I’m over 18, my mom is just teaching me to drive and whenever I’m good enough, I just have to take the behind the wheel test and I can get my License, no waiting period or anything. So far, I’m not very good, but It’s my first day, so.

Also, the last I’ve heard, the Independence fire is no big deal anymore. I was told that the wind shifted and the Danger passed, so our little house is still there! Yay!

Anything else…. Nope, I think that about covers it for today.

Well, I’m home.

July 8, 2007 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, General Knitting | 4 Comments

What a trip it was. I’m home early, and I’ll tell you why!

 On Friday, there was a storm, and I think it was Lightning strikes that made the fire. Anyway, the Mountains behind the town that we have a little vacation house thing in had some wildfires on them.


A lot of smoke. As the day went on you could start to see more and more smoke, and than you could see the flames. At night, it looked really scary. We took a little walk to see the fire that night:

Yup, that was right behind the town. The next morning we woke up and things didn’t look too bad. It was very smokey, but other than that, you couldn’t really see anything. So we took a little trip to Lone Pine, which is only about 15 or 16 miles away from the town our House was in (and where the fire was). By the time we got ready to go back home, this highway patrolman blocked off the Highway only a few cars in front of us, and told us we couldn’t get back home. So, Me, my mom, and my 2 cousins where stuck in Lone Pine. Well, as it turned out, They where having Voluntary evacuations of the West side of town (our house was on the east side.) and then, it was mandatory evacuations on the west side and voluntary on the East. So, the family that had made it too the house packed up all our stuff and came to pick us up, and we went home.

The bright side of this crazy day, look who we met at the park while waiting for our family to pick us up:

3 Llamas named Otis, Haydn, and Osama Bin Llama. They where very large, and very cute. We hung out with them for a little while.

So besides the whole wildfire, wondering if our little house is still there, and having to leave early, I had a great time on my Fourth of July. It was flippin’ hot like it always is in the summer, and I had a really fun time hanging out with my family. Good Times. Keep your fingers crossed that the Little town of Independence makes it  the fire!

Knit-wise, I knit on some socks up there. I almost have a finished pair, I’ll show you when I finish them. I also taught my Aunt to make her vary first pair of socks, and she’s doing so well! Yay Barb!

Sign-ups are still open for the Scarf Swap, you have until Wednesday, the 11th to email me and let me know you’re interested! I already have 10 people signed up to swap scarves!

Stuff I like…

July 1, 2007 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah | 1 Comment

I went to the mall today for some shopping for Summer clothes (Shorts, bathingsuit, tank tops) and I had quite a few good finds! 

The other day I revealed my Love for Swallows and Sparrows, especially in Jewelry. Well I found:

mall (3)
This necklace! Yay! And then I found these:

Well, I just had to get them too. Like I said, I have a weakness.

Besides little birdies, I have a thing for:

Hand Sanitizer. Yep, I have a bottle of Purel with me in my purse pretty much everywhere I go. I’ve turned into somewhat of a germaphobe. So, to replace the bottle in my purse that smells like alcohol, I went to Bath and Body works and bought the Fancy kind. Tropical Passionfruit. This makes me very happy.

Another thing I have a thing for:
mall (2)

Cheesy Chick-lit books. They are easy and light reading, I don’t have to think too hard. I may not be learning much, but I don’t care. I read some of the Shopaholic series, they just make me happy. Plus, this one was about knitting. Sold!

Speaking of knitting… Hrmm… It would seem I don’t have much to show you. I’ve been working on some footies, but that’s about it.

I’ll be leaving on Tuesday for our annual Familyreunion/Fourth of July celebration. Yay! I can’t wait. So I’ll be gone from Tuesday until Sunday. I’ll try to sneak in a post tomorrow before I leave.

One down:

June 23, 2007 at 3:16 am | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, Finished Projects, General Knitting | 4 Comments

Brian Sock

One to go. These are the socks I’m knitting for my sister’s Boyfriend. His birthday is on Tuesday, I better get to work.

I’ve also been spinning a bit lately. Here’s my most recent:
Silkmerino yarn

It’s 50%Merino 50%Silk. It was a pain in the butt to spin because of the silk, but it came out very shiny and soft.
Silkmerino yarn (1)

I ended up with about 90 yards. Maybe this will be a hat? Who knows.

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