FO: Dad’s Fake Isle

January 30, 2007 at 1:23 am | Posted in Finished Projects | 8 Comments

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, color #8, 1 skein. Lionbrand Wool-Ease, Black, way less that one skein.
Needles: US Size 6 Circular and DPNs
Pattern: Fake Isle Hat
Modifications: I changed up the decreases at the top to make the hat a bit shorter, because my dad doesn’t like his hat’s too long. Instead of knitting 3 plain rounds between the decrease rounds, I only did 2. It turned out really well, I kinda wish I had made the one I made for me like that, but I’m not about to make another. Nope, I’m so happy and relieved to be done. Freedom! 

My dad likes it, he keeps telling me it’s his favorite, so there you go. He has so many hand-knit hats, but he was really holding out for this one. I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to him complain about how cold his head is anymore. Next Up, I’m knitting something non-pressure. Maybe socks for me. I just got done dying some sock yarn with kool-aid. I really want to make another Irish Hiking Scarf, but I will have to go yarn shopping. I think that’s tomorrow’s expedition. I’m thinking about a really bright color of Cascade 220, like I made my last one.


January 28, 2007 at 2:56 am | Posted in General Knitting | 5 Comments

My LYS has a “KnitTogether” night that my mom and I went to for the first time on Thursday, we didn’t expect that there would be very many people there, but we walked in and there where a LOT, so much so that they had to get out another table for us to sit at, and by the time we left, it too was filled up. We where knitting away and the lady sitting across from me says “I Know you. You don’t know me, but I know you. I read your blog!”. Well, that was pretty cool. I didn’t really realize that I was that recognizable from my blog, but I guess I am. She knew we went to the same yarn store, I just thought it was cool that she recognized me (and my mom, too.) SO, go say hello to my new buddy, Ronikins. I was sitting next to another blogger, too, Busy Bea Knits.

In other news, I started over on my dad’s Fake Isle:

Yep, it’s boring, but it must be finished.

How I Spent My Day

January 25, 2007 at 2:21 am | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, Finished Projects, General Knitting | 4 Comments

So, I go to school on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (I think I’ve mentioned that before…) and I leave for school at 7:15 in the Morning. I usually get a ride from my friend who goes to school in the same city (It’s about 20-ish miles away) and ride the bus home (which takes about 50 minutes.. argh). I went to school today and got there about 8:00, and my class starts at 8:30. So I walk onto the campus and I see a bunch of people walking around, and I thought I heard someone mention a Blackout. So I stop some girl and ask her, and she says that there is a power outage and classes are cancelled. Sweet! So I got on the bus at 8:10 and was home at 9:00. Which is cool, because I didn’t have to go to school. But, it sucks because I could have slept in, rather than waking up at 6 just to make a round trip into the city. Oh well. So, what to do with my day off? Homework? Heck no.

I made a crappy dishcloth:

The pattern was great, but me and my crappy knitting skills made it look not-so-fancy. But, it doesn’t have to look fancy, right? I mean, it’s a dishcloth! I really want to make another, with a verigated yarn to show off all the short-rows, but I had the ugly red color in my stash. I used the leftovers to make a little washcloth- scrubby for the shower:

Size H-8 crochet hook, 20 Half-Double crochets across (I think) with a single crochet border.

And that’s all I got to talk about today.

No, wait, I lied. While I was sitting around and knitting today, I noticed that the Search and Rescue helicopters were flying around alot. Then I looked out the window and there was a fire on the hill:

About half an hour after I took the picture, you could see flames. But, they got it put out and all was well. I tell ya, people are scared to live in California because of earth quakes, but we have more wild fires than anything else. And the occasional floods.

You Freakin’ Swear…

January 23, 2007 at 4:46 am | Posted in Blah Blah Blah | 2 Comments

So, I promised my dad i’d make him a Fake Isle Hat a couple months ago, and he picked out a skein of Noro Silk Garden. I never really got around to working on it, and he was bugging me to make it, so I figured I’d better get on with it before it’s not cold anymore. So, I picked it up the other day and got through with the ribbing and started my first round of the Colorowork. I get to the end of the row, and it doesn’t work out. So, I double check and count my stitches..

8 extra? Where the heck did they come from?! Poop. Now I gotta start all over. Poop Poop Poop!

Pardon my french. I’m off to go rip it out.

Oh, and sorry if my posts are a bit sparse lately. I’m working hard on a big project that I’m not quite ready to reveal, but just you wait. It will be good.

I’ve got one Lucky Mommy.

January 20, 2007 at 4:00 am | Posted in Finished Projects, General Knitting | 7 Comments

Listening To: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen (I LOVE QUEEN)

So, for Christmas, I got this beautiful roving, 50% Merino Wool, 50% Silk in the most gorgeous colors. Hand-dyed, too. Then when I went shopping a couple days back, mom sent me off with some money to buy fluff for me to spin for her. I found the same exact roving (the stuff that I got for christmas) but in awesome bright greens (totally my colors!). So, I bought it and gave my mom the choice between the 2 colorways, The one I was gifted for Christmas and the Green stuff I bought. She picked the Christmas Fluff, so I spun it for her:

Holy Moley, it turned out SO pretty. I wish you guys could feel it and squish it and just hug it, that’s what I wanna do with it. Who cares knitting with it, I just want to fondle it.

204 yards, If you care.

That picture is the most accurate representation, The colors and the shiny-ness that comes from the silk. Here’s a crappy close-up. You get the Idea, though:

Like I said, I got one lucky mommy.

Oh yeah, I made a scarf the other day, too:

Yep, It’s cute. I’m not sure if its very Kaity, though, you know? A little too girly. I’m not all that girly. But, It’s cute anyway, I like it. I used THIS pattern, a size G Crochet hook, and 4 different colors of Wool-Ease.

And that’s all I got tonight. Did I mention I finished my Swap Socks? Well, I did, and I sent them off.


January 17, 2007 at 1:30 am | Posted in Blah Blah Blah | 3 Comments

So, one day a couple of years ago, my cousin and I where walking around town and we saw a flyer on a telephone poll for a show from a Local Band, Army of Freshmen. My cousin says “Hey, I think I have one of their CDs, my friend burned it for me.” So, went back to her house and we listened to it. From that day on, they where my favorite band (Still are). We went to one of their local shows about a year and a half ago, and It was one of the best nights of my life. Ever since that show, they have not had another local show. Then I read a bulletin they posted on their Myspace Page, saying they where having one local show before they head to the UK for a tour. I am so excited, It’s on February 3rd, and I am going to be there no matter what. I was lucky enough to meet the lead singer, Chris (Who was about the nicest guy ever) at their last show. My goal is to meet the rest of the band, or at least snag a picture with one of them. Oh my gosh, I am way to excited.

Go to their Myspace page and listen to their music. No, really, go.


January 16, 2007 at 9:53 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah | Leave a comment

I havent had much time to knit for myself lately, Seeing as I’ve done 2 sock swaps in a row. But, that means I’ve knit 2 pairs of socks! Yay me! Once Marion and Abigail get them, I’ll post Pictures. Now I’ve got time to knit for me….

I’ve got no projects going right now. What do I knit?

Friday Music Listen

January 14, 2007 at 5:29 am | Posted in Blah Blah Blah | 2 Comments

10 songs I really like right now:

1. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise- Duran Duran
2. Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leppard
3. Take One Me- a-ha
4. I Don’t Love You- My Chemical Romance
5. The Beautiful Letdown- Switchfoot
6. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn- Poison
7. Hungry Like the Wolf- Duran Duran
8. Fat Lip- Sum 41
9. Carry On Wayward Son- Kansas
10. Should I Stay or Should I Go- The Clash

I’ve been feeling the 80’s lately (Can You Tell? Duran Duran, Def Leppard, Poison? Good Stuff…)

I took a spinning class today to brush up on my skills, and make sure I’m doing everything right. I learned some cool stuff, too. But, Navaho Plying is not my friend…

Gotta Go, Napoleon Dynamite is playing in the other room.

Well, this makes up for having to go back to school!

January 11, 2007 at 4:28 am | Posted in General Knitting | 1 Comment

So far, this has been a GOOD week. First up, Monday. I got home from my first day of classes (World History 1, Cultural Anthropology, US Government, and Racial and Ethnic Group Relations) and there was a package waiting for me from Jennifer. I won a contest at her blog and got a skein of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and a skein of Koigu:

Also, you can see there a gift certificate to my LYS. When you spend, I think it’s $275 dollars there, they send you a gift certificate for $25. Sweet! Seeing as this is the second one of these i’ve gotten, that’s $550. Whoa….

Anyway. Skip to Tuesday. No school (I’ve got Tuesdays and Thursdays off). I finished Marion’s Swap socks. Yay!

Wednesday: I got home from school and there was yet another package waiting for me. The socks that Marion knit for Me! Check it out:

Arent they Lovely?! Holey Moley, they’re my favorite color, too. I’m so happy. I put them on and haven’t take them off since.

So. That skein of Wool Ease Thick and Quick was just sitting around, staring at me, saying “Make Something!”. So, I did:

I sat down with the yarn and my size Q crochet hook and whipped this scarf out in about half an hour. I love my Size Q Hook. I used up practically every inch of yarn, and it’s the perfect length. Here’s a close-up:

Big Yarn + Big Hook = Big Stitches. I love this scarf. I want to go to Michael’s right now and buy more skeins to make more scarves. Fun Stuff.

One Last thing, I’ve got myself another swap partner, so I’m starting her socks tonight… once I find that sock yarn…

I Finished the Hobo Gloves.

January 7, 2007 at 12:09 am | Posted in General Knitting | 7 Comments

 Yarn: 1 skein Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Needles: US Size 4 (Knit Flat)
Pattern: Made it up.

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