What that says about me.

August 23, 2007 at 6:55 pm | Posted in General Knitting | 5 Comments


I saw a little while back how Rilana listed the groups she’s in on Ravelry and described why, and I wated to, too. So, I’m a member of 16 groups.

Amigumi Style Crochet Group: I love those cute little crocheted dudes. They are darn fun to make.
California Crocheters and Knitters: Gotta love it in California.
Christian Knitters: I belive in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.
Craftsters in Ravelry: I love Crafster.org!
Designers Group: I have… 7 free patterns, one pattern for sale, and one that I sent off for submission for the Winter Knitty.
Hats for Alex: I’ve made and sent off 4 hats so far for this wonderful cause. Go knit a baby hat and send one off, it will take you a few minutes… are you going yet?
Hats Hats Hats: I love knitting hats, they are my absolute favorite thing to make (and I make a lot)
HomeStarKnitter: I loves me some homestarrunner.com
I Make Mittens: I do.
Knotty Knits: You all know my obsession with cables.
On The Other Hand: for Lefties. That’s me. I gotta tell you, those college classrooms are discriminatory. I can’t reach over to those tiny desks that are attached to my seat in Bio, so I have to write notes in my lap. I should buy one of those lap-pad things.
Second Sock Syndrome Liberation Group: I love knitting socks, but so many of mine only have one sock per pair, but… do I care? No. I just like making them. Maybe someday they will be a pair.
So Cal Knitters: I actually started this group. It’s the best, here in So Cal.
Spin Love: I’m a spinner.
Stranded: mmmmmmm, colorwork. I’m a sucker for fairisle.
The solidarity league of creative women distracted by oooh! shiny!: For those of us with Start-itis. I can’t help but to have a buttload of WIPs, I just love casting on, apparently!

As for real knitting, I found me a cabled sock pattern. Those Naive socks tryed to kill me, so I gave up on them for now. I’d like to make a pair eventually, just… not right now. I found the Rib and Cable sock pattern from an older Interweave Knits, and I know I have that magazine somewhere, but I just can’t find it. So, I’m making it up myself.


My spell checking doesn’t want to work today, and I’m to lazy to do it myself. So, any misspellings or grammar mistakes, just ignore them.



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  1. Hee… I know that last sentence was for my benefit… You know now you drive me crazy with your spelling. I was going to suggest you start a Ravelry group for bloggers who can’t spell ;o)

  2. It’s rather funny. When I saw my list of groups on ravelry, in that format…they look like bumper stickers on the back of a mini-hippy-bus. So, it sort of gave me a thought of “what do these say about me?” It was just a funny little thing.

  3. Like the socks! did you dye up the yarn for this one?

  4. Too funny! You have group itis! Is’nt Ravelry the best?

    I love your newest blog look. Its different every time I come around.

  5. Happy knitting while sitting! I agree with your sister, the pooling is kind of cool.

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