I’m Invited!!

June 20, 2007 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Blah Blah Blah, General Knitting | 8 Comments

I got my invitation to join the Beta version of Ravelry yesterday! Yay! It’s so awesome. If you don’t know what Ravelry is (where have you been?), go check it out. Seriously. And sign up, you’ll be glad you did! Any of you out there on Ravelry wanna be my friend? Look me up, my username is KaityBeth.

I’m entering a contest from Lotus Knits, and I have to post either my first knitted thing or my next project I’ll be working on. Seeing as I don’t have a picture of my first knitted thing (I don’t even remember what It was), we’ll go with what’s coming up next:

Amy's hat

I finally got the yarn to start that Fair Isle hat for my sister. I would have already cast on for it, but I can’t find those darn needles…

And I went shopping with my cousin yesterday at a Thrift store. I was looking for a sweater to recycle the yarn from (That didn’t turn out so well…) but I found a bag of yarn for $4.95. I couldn’t unzip the bag to feel it or anything, but I bought it anyway. Well, I got it home and it revealed this:

thrift store wool

11 skeins of something. I had no idea what it was. It kind of felt like wool, but there was no label or anything. Just 11 skeins for something (I threw that DPN on top of the pile for size reference)

Than I thought about trying to dye it, so see if It was wool or something:

thrift store wool (1)

Well, it took the Kool-aid like a pro:

thrift store wool (4)

Well people, I’ve got wool on my hands. I measured out about 280 yards in a skein, times 11, thats 3080 yards. Wow. All that for $4.95? Thank you thrift store!

Thrift Store Wool

Now. What the heck am I gonna do with this? It’s kind of a sport weight. I’d like to make a Thermal from Knitty, but that would take me a lifetime! Hmm, I dunno.


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  1. Grats on your ravelry invite! Which fair isle hat are you going to knit? Something you designed yourself?

    And *wow* what a yarn find!!!


  2. Isn’t ravelry awesome? I’m spending way too much time on there. And congrats on your thrift store find, that’s awesome. I only ever find crap acrylic. Lucky!

  3. That’s a lot of yarn! What weight is it? You could get a couple of sweaters out of it if it’s worsted, or what might be a lifetime supply of socks if it’s fingering weight.

    And yes, I loved your short-row method. I’ve tried a million ways to not get gaps and it’s the only one that works. And it’s so easy!

  4. Holy knitting finds! You made out…I’ll bet it was a Thrift Store in Ventura. I never get that lucky. I’d recommend dying 5 hanks in one color, 5 hanks in another color, and one hank in a cool colorway for socks.

  5. Kaity, if you take a scrap of yarn and burn it you’ll know whether it’s a natural fiber (anything fromm cotton, rayon silk.etc…) or a synthetic. Natural will turn to ash, synthetic melts. at least it’ll give an idea on how to treat it.

  6. Lucky! I’m still on the waiting list… Hopefully I you can add me too!!

  7. that looks awesome! yeah i need to jump on the Kool-Aid dye bandwagon. i’ve got yarn, fiber to spin & packets. i just need to do it. thrist stores are good places to get yarn. i’m gonna be working at one soon & we get first dibs at what comes in for donations & my friend who got me the job said they get yarn all the time. i can’t wait!

  8. What a wonderful thrift shop find! You lucky girl you! I’m happy for you. From my rug braiding days I know that wool smells like hair when burned, if that helps. Congrats on Ravelry!

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