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June 5, 2007 at 3:42 am | Posted in Finished Projects | 2 Comments

I’ve squeezed out a few knitting projects here and there lately. First are the Swap Socks I made for Nancy:

Yarn: I really Don’t know what It was. I found it in my mom’s stash and she said she didn’t want it. I think she said something about Fleece Artist? I dunno, it matched the colors that Nancy said she liked.
Needles: US Size 1 Addi Turbo Lace, 2 circulars (My new favorite sock needles. The new Addi Lace are really nice.)
Pattern: 60 stitches (I think), Toe-up, reverse heel flap.

I loved making these socks. Toe up socks seem to go more quick than top-down ones, but I prefered the heel-flap heel to the Short row in the way they fit, so I tackled Reverse heel flaps, which was pretty easy, and really fun to do. I highly recommend it.

Next up, I made a hat today:


The colors are really off. The bathroom light is no good. This picture shows the colors pretty perfectly:

Yarn: Plymouth Yarns, “Boku”, color #5
Needles: US Size 6 Circular and DPNs
Pattern: Silk Garden Beanie (Modified) 

Modifications: I did 2×1 ribbing at the bottom rather than 2×2, just because I like the way it looks better. I also Changed up he decreasing. The way the pattern had you do it didn’t make much sence to me. Here’s what I did:

(Knit 6, k2tog) around, knit 1 round
(Knit 5, k2tog) around, knit 1 round
(Knit 4, k2tog) around, knit 1 round
(Knit 3, k2tog) around, knit 1 round
(Knit 2, k2tog) around, knit 1 round
(Knit 1, k2tog) around, knit 1 round
(K2tog) around, knit 1 round

And that’s about it. I like this hat, I like the girly stripes. I’m ignoring the fact that it’s June and I won’t be able to wear it for about 5 months. Who cares, right?


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  1. I love the Silk Garden Beanie hat and I like the mods you made. I think I will try it again using those. Thanks for the tips;)

  2. Great hat! And it will stay great (if not grow in greatness) until needed!

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