February 8, 2007 at 11:53 pm | Posted in General Knitting | 4 Comments

I knew my Swap Socks were going to be coming in the mail this week, so I’ve been waiting impatiently. I checked outside just to be sure that they weren’t on the porch, and they were! Stupid mailperson didn’t ring the bell! Oh well, check them out! They’re Twins!

(I think they go pretty well with my capri pants, don’t you?) 

Dude, they are so cool! Abigail is the best Sock Knitter ever! I remember when she posted about these, I was jealous of whoever she was giving them too, but It was me! Cool! I made her these. I used the Thuja pattern and Plymouth Encore Worsted. I love sock swaps!

I’m up to 18 inches on that scarf I’m making for my sister (She saw it and insisted that I make it for her), it’s moving along pretty fast. So far, 215 cable crosses! They arent so bad if you cable without a cable needle. 


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  1. Those are great socks. And the stripes match and everything.

  2. Love those socks! Lucky you to receive the ones you wanted.

  3. I’m making the same scarf. Red, from a Knitpicks wool/silk yarn. It’s slow going! I have toyed with some sort of crocheted border on the bottom to keep it from rolling, because I am NOT frogging and putting a garter border on! (don’t tell your mom I’m not frogging! LOL)

    Pink is definitely your dad’s color!

  4. Very cute daddio =) It’s nice when they pose in pink for their girls! I’d have to sneak up on mine in his sleep to do that! lol Your shifting sands is looking very cool!

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