December 23, 2006 at 9:56 pm | Posted in General Knitting | 6 Comments

Well, I’m in Texas now. Austin, specifically. The flight(s) where pretty good, you know how it is, Flying just sucks. But, we’re all here and stuff is bueno. I’ve had tons of fun, and it’s only my first day. So far I’ve Taken a picture with a Longhorn:

And went to the famous “Amy’s Ice Cream”. So, the ice cream guy told me that if I caught my ice cream when he tossed it, then it was free. So, Click Here:

Dude, I was so afraid that I wasnt gonna catch it and end up with Ice cream on my head. But, I did. Oh, that person screaming in the background of my video wasn’t me, it was my cousin. After Ice Cream, we went to a local yarn store, Hill Country Weavers. The store was crazy, so much yarn. There was a bunch of stuff I had never seen before, and it was packed wall to wall to wall to wall. I got this:

1 skein of Koigu KPPM, and a ball of some Ella Rae “Amity”. I had never heard of this yarn before, it reminds me a lot of Plymouth Encore. I bought it because it was cheap, and I loved the color. I’ll make a scarf or something.

Ok, I’ll check in again soon with more news of our fun escapades. Adios!


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  1. sounds like you guys are having so much fun!!! and good jog catching that ice cream! i would have totally been scared of that ice cream splattering all over my face/chest/clothes/whatever! =)

  2. oops, i meant good JOB 😉

  3. That little video was too cute! My dd said “Wow, she’s good”. hehe She’s 8.

  4. that’s an awesome pic. And great job catching that ice cream

  5. Great catch!! Have very merry Christmas!

  6. WELCOME to Texas, Darlin’ =) wish we were closer to Austin =(

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