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Yay! It’s Friday!! Tomorrow I’m going shopping to pick out my Prom Dress! Woo-hoo! I’m way excited! Anyway, here’s my big Discovery of the week. Yesterday, I discovered I can knit and read at the same time. I dont think I could knit, say, a sweater or something fancy while I read, but a sock works just fine. This is big news for me, because I have to read this Monster of a book by next friday for my English Class. But, If I knit while reading, I’m killing two birds with one stone (I really hate that saying). So here’s what I’m knitting while reading:

Thuja socks for my boyfriend. He wanted green, and I wanted to make them at a larger guage, so I think this works out well. I’m lovin this pattern, too. I gotta say, for me, this Plymouth Encore is the New Wool-ease. It’s softer, it’s got beutiful stitch definition, it might cost a couple dollars more, but I love it.

Also, I whipped this up last night real quick:

I got this really cute new purse last weekend (Mine’s bright green!), and I use it everywhere, School, shopping, wherever. But, It doesn’t have a pocket for my iPod, And so it justs sits in there with all my pens and stray DPNs, and I’m always worried it will gat scratched, so there you go. Now it’s protected.


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